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There are 60 cows per farm on average. 93% of the cow feed comes from the farm. 4% of organic farmers in May 2017, 6% by 2018. 100% of the cow feeding is traced 98% of the cow feeding is produced in France. 1 healthy cow produces quality milk. France is the world's 7th largest producer of milk. Milking takes 6 to 9 minutes per cow. 95% of French dairy farmers adhere to the charter of good practices. 99% of the cow's diet is vegetable, 1% mineral. A cow consumes between 50 and 80 kg of feed every day. On average, a cow produces of 24 liters of milk per day. A unique range of 1500 dairy products. Headphones are recommended to take full advantage of the experience.
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The Milk tank

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Tanks to store and conserve milk on the farm

Definition :

The milk tank is refrigerated so that milk can be stored and preserved*.


Did you know ? 

The milk passes through hoses into the tank, where it’s stored. This storage tank is installed next to the milking parlour in a dedicated spot that is clean and accessible for the dairy processing unit’s lorry. The tank is large, opaque and airtight. It cools the milk as soon as it leaves the animal’s udder, after which the milk can be stored for two to three days at a temperature of 4°C. It is made of stainless steel and is fitted with an automatic cleaning system. The tank is cleaned and disinfected each time it’s emptied.


*(Capacity of 150 to 3,000 litres (or a reservoir that holds 1,000 to 30,000 litres.)