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There are 60 cows per farm on average. 93% of the cow feed comes from the farm. 4% of organic farmers in May 2017, 6% by 2018. 100% of the cow feeding is traced 98% of the cow feeding is produced in France. 1 healthy cow produces quality milk. France is the world's 7th largest producer of milk. Milking takes 6 to 9 minutes per cow. 95% of French dairy farmers adhere to the charter of good practices. 99% of the cow's diet is vegetable, 1% mineral. A cow consumes between 50 and 80 kg of feed every day. On average, a cow produces of 24 liters of milk per day. A unique range of 1500 dairy products. Headphones are recommended to take full advantage of the experience.
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Milk traceability

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of the feed is tracked.


of French dairy products come from French milk.


million independent analyses are carried out yearly to monitor the quality of milk.


within 7 days, Farmers are required to declare and tag their calves .

Know your animals

Each cow has a unique, official identification number which is registered with the public authorities by the farmer. The farmer ensures the traceability of the animals on their farm, which are identified permanently thanks to a tag which they carry on each ear. They each have a passport which monitors them throughout their life. In this way, the supervision of each animal is assured from its birth until it leaves the farm.

These analyses are carried out on the milk of each cow and the milk of the entire herd.

These analyses are carried out on the milk of each cow and the milk of the entire herd. The results allow the producer to learn more about the composition and hygienic standards of the milk they are supplying, but also to monitor the production of each of their animals. The farmer has access to the results of analyses via internet or receives them directly on their smartphone. They may consult them at any point and use them to manage their herd and the quality of their milk.

The traceability of feed

Over 90% of the cows’ food is produced on the farm. The farmer retains the delivery notes for all food, detailing their origin and composition.

A health certificate for export

During the export process, dairy prodcuts are assigned a health certificate which attests to the compliance with local regulations set out by the importing country. It is signed by the relevant health authorities.