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There are 60 cows per farm on average. 93% of the cow feed comes from the farm. 4% of organic farmers in May 2017, 6% by 2018. 100% of the cow feeding is traced 98% of the cow feeding is produced in France. 1 healthy cow produces quality milk. France is the world's 7th largest producer of milk. Milking takes 6 to 9 minutes per cow. 95% of French dairy farmers adhere to the charter of good practices. 99% of the cow's diet is vegetable, 1% mineral. A cow consumes between 50 and 80 kg of feed every day. On average, a cow produces of 24 liters of milk per day. A unique range of 1500 dairy products. Headphones are recommended to take full advantage of the experience.
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Milk collection

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25 milliards

Nearly 25 billion litres of cow milk are produced in France every year.


milk processing sites across France.


1 collection every 48 hours, on average.

Milk sampling for analysis.

Every time milk is collected from a farm, a sample of milk is extracted for analysis at a specialised lab. The driver of the tanker truck carries out the extraction in compliance with all hygiene regulations. He has been trained by the lab and qualified to conduct proper extraction.

  • A sample is extracted (manually or via an automatised system) each time milk is collected from a farm
  • The sample is immediately placed in a refrigerated container

The itinerary of a milk sample for quality analysis.

Every day, the lab collects samples, which they analyse the same day or the following morning. All precautions are taken to preserve the quality of the samples and to ensure that the analysis reflects the quality of the milk delivered by the producer. Quality of the milk collected, hygiene, refrigeration chain, traceability and delivery times: nothing is left to chance!

  • The analysis is carried out immediately in the lab and without prior notice.
  • The results are delivered within 48 hours to the farmer and the dairy plant via a digital system (INFOLABO).

Milk is living matter which must be protected.

Maintaining the refrigeration chain is essential:

  • Keeping milk at 4°C in the tank at the dairy plant and the tanker truck.
  • Dairy plants are situated in the heart of production areas, the time spent in transit for collection is optimised.

The proper preservation of milk is a mark of safety and excellence 100% of milk collected is inspected at its arrival, via tanker trucks at processing plants or workshops.

100% of milk collected is inspected at its arrival, via tanker trucks at processing plants or workshops.