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There are 60 cows per farm on average. 93% of the cow feed comes from the farm. 4% of organic farmers in May 2017, 6% by 2018. 100% of the cow feeding is traced 98% of the cow feeding is produced in France. 1 healthy cow produces quality milk. France is the world's 7th largest producer of milk. Milking takes 6 to 9 minutes per cow. 95% of French dairy farmers adhere to the charter of good practices. 99% of the cow's diet is vegetable, 1% mineral. A cow consumes between 50 and 80 kg of feed every day. On average, a cow produces of 24 liters of milk per day. A unique range of 1500 dairy products. Headphones are recommended to take full advantage of the experience.
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France, Land of Milk

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France is the second largest producer of milk in Europe.


France is the 7th largest producer of milk in the world.


of French Departments have dairy industry activity.


of departments have a dairy activity.

France, the sustainable Land of Milk.

With 25 billion litres of cow, goat, and sheep milk collected yearly, France accounts for more than 17% of all milk production in Europe. Its temperate climate, ample rainfall, availability of farmland, and the commitment of its farmers, make of it a sustainable Land of Milk.

The 3 pillars of the French dairy economy are:

  • Ecologically friendly development
  • Economic development for the local regions
  • Uncompromising quality and safety

Diversity rooted in the landscapes, the soil and the local dairy products.

From the coast of Normany to the Alpine mountains, passing through the Pays de la Loire, the different French regions offer very different dairy landscapes. This variety of local conditions gives rise to the diversity of French dairy products and the richness of the French dairy industry.

These regions make France an exceptionally favourable country for dairy production. The temperate climate, the fertility of the soil, and the know-how of the farmers all add up to make the French dairy industry one-of-a-kind.

“More than one third of the protected dairy names in the world are manufactured in France.”

The expertise of the French dairy industry.

The culture of permanent innovation relies on the combination of traditional expertise with tremendous technical mastery, both of which demonstrate the commitment of local businesses and dairy processors to offering the very best products to their customers.

The very highest standards of quality and health safety.

The French dairy industry is structured to ensure flawless standards of health security. Well aware of the fragile and living nature of their product, all the actors in dairy production have a common responsibility: to offer the best in dairy products, with complete safety and for the maximum enjoyment of the consumers.

“A unique range of 1500 dairy products, the largest in the world.”

A range of dairy products valued across the world.

The French dairy industry exports almost half of its processed milk to countries across the world, in a variety of dairy products, from cheeses to yogurts, from butter to cream, valued globally for their quality and their taste, and all while remaining tied to their local traditions and customs.