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There are 60 cows per farm on average. 93% of the cow feed comes from the farm. 4% of organic farmers in May 2017, 6% by 2018. 100% of the cow feeding is traced 98% of the cow feeding is produced in France. 1 healthy cow produces quality milk. France is the world's 7th largest producer of milk. Milking takes 6 to 9 minutes per cow. 95% of French dairy farmers adhere to the charter of good practices. 99% of the cow's diet is vegetable, 1% mineral. A cow consumes between 50 and 80 kg of feed every day. On average, a cow produces of 24 liters of milk per day. A unique range of 1500 dairy products. Headphones are recommended to take full advantage of the experience.
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Cow Feeding

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of the cow's food is vegetal and mineral.

50 to 80 kg

A dairy cow consumes between 50 and 80 kg of feed per day and drinks between 50 and 100 litres of water.


of a French dairy cow's food comes from their own farm.


of a French dairy cow's food is produced in France.

Feeding a dairy cow

The cow is a ruminant herbivore. It has the special characteristic of being able to produce milk on the basis of its feed (grass, feed corn, alfalfa…), which constitutes 90% of its nutritional intake. The remaining 10% is made up of “concentrates”, which are made up entirely of mineral and vegetal products: grains, oilseed and protein crops, vitamins and minerals, and as much water as it wants.

These different types of foods vary according to the season, region and climate. No animal bonemeal, nor any anabolic or antibiotics additives are used in feeding the cows, in accordance with regulations that ban their use.

A French dairy cow consumes between 50 and 80 kg of food per day, on average..

“The feeding of the cows does not contain any animal meal or antibiotics.”

A dairy cow's food is local

French dairy farmers produce the entirety of the cow’s feed directly on their farms and a certain proportion of the grain necessary for feeding their dairy cows. (In total, 93% of what they eat is produced on-site! And 5% of the cereals and oilseed and protein crops are produced in France on other farms.)

The food produced on the farm allows the dairy farmers to ensure the safety of their produce, by being able to totally control its origins, its transport and its quality.

What does a dairy cow eat in France?

Within a given year, a cow will consume every day, on average:

  • 24kg of hay or fresh grass (43%)
  • 27kg of corn silage (47%)
  • 1kg of other varieties of feed (1%)
  • 1.3kg of grain (2%
  • 1.3kg of soybean meal (2%)
  • 1kg of other meal – mostly rapeseed and sunflower (2%)
  • 300g of minerals and vitamins (1%)
  • and as much water as they like!


Source: Dairy Cow Feed Monitoring Centre, 2015-2018. Source: CNIEL.